Christian leaders identify the workplace as the next great movement of the gospel here and abroad.

We Agree.

That is why we created the Camino Global Foundation. A place where Real People and Real Business combine to generate Real Impact. Over the next five years, our vision is to create 30 high impact businesses. We do this by mobilizing mission-based entrepreneurs - Real People that know Real Business - into environments ripe for Real Impact. In order realize impact we draw upon our 125 years of missions experience, instill lessons learned from our existing businesses, utilize our network of passionate givers, engage expert advisors, and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. In doing so, we give our mission based businesses the best chance for success.

Real People

Do you have a passion for Christ and skills in business? See how you and other business missionaries can partner with us to receive training, mentoring, and capital to succeed.

Real Business

Our experience with HOPE Coffee proves that Mobilizing Marketplace Missions is a legitimate and worthwhile endeavor. Learn more about our Impact Business Portfolio.

Real Impact

The mission of our businesses is to impact the world for Christ. Our businesses do this through direct and indirect impact. In our model, impact grows with profits.

Mobilizing Marketplace Missions