Real People

Business Missionaries

HOPE Coffee and HOPE Coffee Honduras started because two individuals had the business idea and a passion for meeting the physical and spiritual needs of a community for Jesus Christ. The idea became reality when it was joined with God-given business skills, hard work, expert mentoring, and financial capital.

How about you?

  • Do you have a business idea - a dream - that you are passionate about?
  • Do you have the design or skills to make a business self-sustaining and impactful?
  • Do you have the heartfelt desire for a community or language group?
  • Will you be devoted to the hard work and time required to see your idea launch and to grow?

Those who are called to “Go and make disciples” in the business face many obstacles that can block their path. Mobilizing real business missionaries and successful mission-based businesses requires a level of knowledge, experience, and resources beyond what some churches, seminaries, and even traditional mission programs can provide.

A successful mission-based business requires divinely-designed entrepreneurs and investors to create, grow, mentor and nurture the business. It also requires divinely-inspired market and impact opportunities to be met.

A Successful Journey Needs a Clear Path. Our Process Involves Three Steps.

We understand that marketplace missions can be challenging. We answer this challenge by giving our missionaries the tools needed to become successful. First, business missionaries must apply sound business and missionary practices. Business missionaries must be well versed in the language and culture in the region they serve. They must also be capable of integrating their skills into an impact business. Through assessments, internships, and academic partnerships our missionaries get the training that is needed to become successful.

The tool of a real marketplace missionary is the Kingdom Impact Business. The successful impact business starts with a good business plan. Our Advisory Team of experienced business professionals evaluates impact business plans and provides feedback for success.

Starting a real Kingdom Impact business takes three types of Capital:

  • Financial Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Spiritual Capital

We help business missionaries source all three. Our companies benefit from a network of passionate donors and a unique financial structure that helps successfully secure and distribute capital for the business.

We look for "Double Bottom Line" business ideas that are:

  • Profit Generating: able to be self-sustaining and scalable.
  • Impact Producing: provide both direct impacts - using profits to transform lives and communities through the local church - and indirect impact - using business activities to provide life-changing transformations.

Kingdom Business Donors

As the creator, sustainer and owner of the universe, God has his own math. Consistently, the Bible teaches that adding God to any equation turns addition into multiplication. Two loaves and two fish feed a multitude. Five talents become ten when they are put to work. The blessing of one becomes a blessing to an entire nation. Camino Foundation donors understand:

  • God has richly blessed them with financial and intellectual resources in order to bless others.
  • Investing in Kingdom opportunities allows God to multiply these resources.
  • The for-profit impact business model maximizes the impact of the resources.

How are we Different?

Compound Impact
Compounding isn't reserved for monetary instruments. We help our Kingdom Business Donors realize compound impact. As the business grows the impact is grows!

Unique Structure
The Camino Global Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation uniquely designed to loan to and hold stock in for-profit businesses. As such, the Foundation can maximize the Kingdom impact of your resources by offering the charitable deduction while at the same time funding the for-profit model.

More than an Impact Fund
Impact funds are limited. Either they are pure financial funds which cannot provide a charitable tax deduction or they can only distribute to other 501(c)(3) charities. Funds are donated to Camino Global Foundation. The Foundation then invests in the business at program-rate returns

More than a Charity
While Christian charities work well for many applications, the best that charities can offer is a 1:1 ratio of dollars to impact. Further, charities are not self-sustaining. Only a successful for-profi­t business offers the potential for a scalable, self-sustaining stream of impact that grows as the business grows. See Power of Compound Impact.

Legacy of Impact
The Camino Global Foundation is a supporting organization of Camino Global. Camino Global, formerly CAM International, has over 125 years of ministry impact in Spanish speaking communities around the globe. It is from this firm footing that the foundation continues to promote transformation through the gospel using business.

You are More than a Check
A successful Kingdom Business needs wise, spiritually-mature, experienced business people to mentor and nurture the business. At Camino Foundation, donors are connected to the business and the impact through prayer needs, quarterly financial and impact reporting, mentor opportunities and on-site visits.

Mobilizing Marketplace Missions