Spark Tank Oportunidad

The purpose of the Spark Tank Oportunidad is to stimulate the start-up of social enterprises in the Spanish speaking community that are strategically connected to churches or Community Benefit Organizations. A social enterprise has to demonstrate the triple bottom line — that is, 1) financial sustainability, 2) a clear intent to impact a specific social problem, and 3) something that is non-toxic for the environment. It can be proposed as under the umbrella of the organization, or by an individual entrepreneur that has structured the enterprise to benefit the organization either by providing a revenue stream or by helping to accomplish one of the organization’s goals.
The program is modeled from an existing initiative - Spark Tank Pitchfest - in Fresno California. In 2015, the program provided funding for 10 self-sustaining and impact generating companies.

Spark Tank Oportunidad is a collaborative effort founded and launched by:

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