By: Ben Penfold on: June 27, 2017

Marketplace Ministry Highlight: La Cima


The Gospel has not been in Amealco for long. It is an old town that is deeply rooted in traditional religions and beliefs. The people in the area have been reticent to embrace the good news of Christ. God has blessed, however, and the local Bible church has taken root over the last seven years. As disciples grow and mature in Him, we are excited to see a harvest of believers and we are now planning the expansion of the church’s ministry to extend even further to this unreached field.


There are several ways in which we plan to expand the influence of Christ in Amealco. The first is to have a side by side Coffee Shop/Bookstore (named Aroma) and Community Center (named La Cima) rolled into one. We plan to set up two spaces to accommodate this outreach ministry. The coffee shop will specialize in American style coffee, deserts, and snacks. Included in this space will be a small book store as an outreach tool and point of contact. This will add up to be a space where people can come and relax, taste a bit of the U.S., and see Christ’s love displayed. The second space will be dedicated to the Amealco Community Center. We plan to promote classes like English (especially in the local university), baking, guitar, and crafts.


The direct impact goal is to use profits to fund the needs of ministry projects that help the most needy in the community. These impact projects will be the first time most people in the community have contact with believers. La Cima seeks indirect impact by employing locals, sourcing coffee direct from farmers, and offering valuable skills training for the community.

Management Team

Brock and Heather Hower have been in Mexico with Camino Global since 2007. Both Brock and Heather are missionary kids from Camino Global as well. Their passion is to serve Jesus Christ in the Mexican church through church planting, leadership development, ladies ministries and missionary kid care.  

Tina Barham is also a current missionary with Camino Global and has been in Mexico since 2011 working in church planting and community transformation.  She is passionate about sharing Jesus Christ through practical community outreach ministries.  Her main ministry will be the community center and coffee shop. She will also be using her time and resources to reach the community through these outreaches.

Need to Launch

Camino Foundation believes that La Cima creates a scalable and sustainable opportunity by creating incredible avenues for the gospel to be shared to the community it serves. We therefore need your help in raising $35,000 to get this project started. The funds will be used to buildout two facilities as well as initial startup costs. Your donation will help La Cima realize its Kingdom Impact on the people of Amealco and surrounding communities. Further, this funding also sets the foundation for future growth as Camino Foundation will continue work with Brock, Heather and Tina to ensure that La Cima can become self-sustaining.

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